(No more Headache) Now transfer your Paytm balance without internet

Paytm the tech giant has introduced a new feature to transfer Paytm wallet balance from one to another by dialing a number. You don’t even need Internet connection anymore to fulfill certain tasks. Now all you have to do is dial a number, Follow the process and Transfer your balance to another beneficiary account.

Nowadays we are experiencing new features and technology on the different platform of online recharge service providers. Few of them are Paytm one click barcode money transfer which is working great for small and medium business owners. Freecharge On the go OTP where you do not need to wait for the OTP to come Just open your app – Get the OTP and transfer your balance.

So, This latest Invention of Paytm wallet balance transfer without the internet is going to change the whole world of e-wallets. Specially in rural areas where the Internet is still a major problem.

How to transfer or send wallet balance without Internet –

To avail this service you need to register at Paytm

1- First of all Open your dialer and dial this number from your registered Paytm number –

[su_highlight background=”#f5b0df”]180018001234[/su_highlight]

2- The call will get disconnected.

3- Now wait for the few seconds, You will get a reverse call back.

4- Choose your preferred language by pressing 1 for Hindi and 2 for English.

5- After that choose any 4 digit access code (You need to enter access code to process transaction)

6- Confirm your access code by pressing 1 and then disconnect the call.

Process to transfer / Send Paytm cash without Internet –

A- Again open dialer and dial this number –

[su_highlight background=”#f5b0df”]180018001234[/su_highlight]

B- Now enter the beneficiary number on which you want to transfer the payment.

C- Enter the Amount you would like to send.

D- Enter the 4 digit access code that you generated while registering for this service.

E- Confirm the transaction. Your wallet balance will be transfered with in few seconds.

Final Words –

It’s a great step taken by Paytm towards digital India programme. Everyone is going to take benefit from this service specialy the tier 2 and remote area’s of India where Internet is a big problem. As far as the process is concern it’s very simple to operate and can be done in few seconds.

So, Register for this Awesome Paytm service and get benefited.


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